Are you looking for Hacked WordPress Website Fixing Services? Undoubtedly WordPress is the most popular and widely used website and blog builder but this is also the most vulnerable open source website builder in the world. Malware attacks on a WordPress website are common, but you can prevent them if you have good knowledge of plugins, programming, server configuration and WordPress structure.

Signs of a Hacked WordPress Website

Most WordPress websites get hacked due to low security and irresponsible activities done by website administrators. Nothing is more painful than a hacked or malicious website. In this article, we are sharing the signs of a hacked wordpress website.

Hacked WordPress Website Fixing Services

Has your WordPress website been hacked? How to check?

Slow WordPress Website

If your WordPress website’s speed was good but suddenly it starts loading slowly, it might indicate that your WordPress website has been hacked. If your WordPress site is sluggish, malware could be one of the causes. Often, site owners are unaware of hidden malware. This malicious software can significantly slow down the site, consuming server resources and leaving it susceptible to additional hacks and breaches. Different types of malware could result in your website being exploited in broader attacks, possibly leading to bans by web hosts and search engines.

Redirecting To Spammy Websites

A WordPress hacked redirect occurs when malicious code infiltrates your website, leading visitors to another website without their consent. Typically, the redirected site is spam-filled. This form of hacking impacts countless websites, resulting in significant daily losses. Websites suffer revenue drops, damage to their brand, and lower SEO rankings, adding to the stress of recovery.

Suddenly WordPress Website is Deindexed From Search Engines

Once a WordPress site is hacked, search engines might detect the breach and promptly deindex the affected pages or the entire site. This drastic measure aims to prevent unsuspecting users from stumbling upon compromised web content and shield them from potential threats.

The sudden deindexing of a hacked WordPress website impacts its visibility, rendering it practically invisible to users searching for related content. Consequently, the site suffers a significant loss in organic traffic and credibility, severely hindering its online presence and effectiveness.

How to Fix a Hacked WordPress Website?

Hacking a WordPress website needs technical knowledge. If you want to clean a hacked WordPress website, you should have a good knowledge of:

  • Web Application Development Using PHP.
  • Database Management Using MySQL.
  • WordPress Files and Database Structure.
  • .HTACCESSConfiguration
  • Web hosting and DNS Management.
  • Web Application Firewall Configuration.

Follow these guidelines to fix and secure your hacked WordPress Website

  1. Begin by isolating the site by taking it offline or placing it in maintenance mode.
  2. Change all passwords, including those for hosting, WordPress admin, FTP, and database access.
  3. Restore a clean backup of the site, ensuring it’s from before the hack occurred.
  4. Scan the site thoroughly using security plugins to detect and remove malicious code, infected files, or suspicious scripts.
  5. Update WordPress, themes, and plugins to the latest versions to patch vulnerabilities.
  6. Implement robust security measures like firewalls, strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and security plugins.
  7. You can request a malware review from search engines.
  8. Lastly, monitor the website continuously for any signs of suspicious activity to prevent future hacks.
  9. Consider consulting security professionals or experts for further assistance and guidance.

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